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perfume is amore

100% italian fragrances


Our philosophy 

Alessandro Serpico Parfum born from the love for elegant fragrances and for the care of one's body from the strong desire to spread these feelings as much as possible on the part of the dancer Alessandro Serpico.

“During my career as a dancer, treading stages all over the world, I had to dedicate my time not only to the constant study of techniques and physical exercises but also to body care, to achieve the necessary psycho-physical balance. Now using the active ingredients that the Italian fertile land offers: flowers, plants, salts, roots, incense mud and thermal waters of my wonderful island of Ischia, I produce a line of perfumes for the person, room diffusers, soaps, oils choir and thermal crème with organic ingredients, trying to instill in my clients the culture of healthy well-being with respect for the body and the environment that surrounds us.”

The company produces its perfumes and other products by hand using organic raw materials that do not overload the skin and do not damage the environment that you will find for sale in their shops and online shops.


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