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Frequent questions

How to choose a perfume for yourself?

Each fragrance is like a hidden thread of your soul.
Close your eyes, take a nice quiet breath and take a trip into your most beautiful memories.
Follow the notes that your mind associates with special moments, enchanting places and the presence of special people.

Or would you like to feel in a new role today?
Don't be afraid to experiment! Discover our world of perfumes with the little guide that you find in the discretions of each fragrance.

We also remember that all skins are different and on each one the perfumes render in an exclusively different way.

How to choose a perfume for another person?

Are you looking for a perfume to give as a gift?
Think about the person. close your eyes think about his energy, sensuality, culture, his passions, desires, and how he would like to appear.
We have perfumes for any type of character.
Do you have any doubts? Ask for advice from artist-perfumeries Alessandro Serpcio via whatsapp assistance.

Are your perfumes Eau de parfum or Eau de toilette?

All our perfumes are Eau de Parfum. They have a blend with a percentage of essence between 15% and 20%
All the essences we use are natural so they are always light and delicate.
The permanence and persistence depend on the climate, humidity, air, temperature and pH of the skin.

What ingredients do you use for cosmetics?

Our cosmetics are made only with natural and organic ingredients: essential oils, and plant active ingredients. Without silicones and parabens, never tested on animals.
We take everything from nature and transform them into a product that helps maintain the health and beauty of the skin and body.

Are the soaps for the body or for the face?

Our soaps are organic. All the raw materials - fruits, flowers, aromas, spices, muds and oils that we use to make them are natural organic and controlled by our collaborator with a doctor in chemistry.
Therefore they are perfectly suitable for both the body, and for very delicate facial skin.

How long does the home fragrance last?

The duration of the fragrance depends on the size of the environment and the volume of the bottle. Average perfume persistence from 100 ml - 45 days, from 500 ml - 5-6 months, 1000 ml - 11-12 months. To last longer, the diffuser must not be near windows or next to heat sources or drafts.

How to use the diffuser sticks?ы

To start, insert the bamboo sticks into the bottle, after removing the protection. If you want a lighter perfume, just put in only half the quantity of the sticks. Instead you will have a more intense result, if you use them all.


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